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Mobile Monsters is a young mobile gaming startup. We focus on mobile games and framework-technology. Our games aim to deliver “fun-in-a-box”. The company was founded in July 2012. With locations in …

Kingdoms & Monsters – on – GooglePlay Kingdoms & Monsters – ...

Kingdoms & Monsters has just finished a successful beta phase. The ratings and feedback are overwhelming. Check out the game on GooglePlay!

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Monster Dungeon Monster Dungeon

Monster Dungeon is our first Android game. It’s a fun card game with unique monsters style. Battle your way through hords of monsters. Download the game for free on GooglePlay!

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Who we are?
Mobile Monsters is a young mobile gaming startup, run by five game developers from mobile-, online- and "ancient client-gaming". We aim to built fun mobile social games on our development framework solution, pairing the best current development technologies with our very own monster flavor to achieve fast production results. The company was founded in July 2012. With locations in Berlin and Hamburg (two of Germany’s greatest cities by the way) we are at the heart of Germany’s hottest game development- and startup-scenes.
Why we do it?
We create games because we don’t know how to do anything really important like mom and dad used to tell us. ;) It’s plain simple … all we know is games! No matter from which discipline, all of us have been in touch with games and game-production for years. If you put us into 9 to 5 non-gaming related jobs, we would simply die. It started with Commodore C64, Amiga or else and even though it was a long and hard road, it was destiny to end up producing great games under our own brand. To achieve the best results, we pair our love for games with our keen eye for sustainable technology and development approaches.
How we work?
The Monsters’s philosophy is simple: We think awesome games don’t need big budgets and next gen cutting edge approaches. We’ve all been there and done that! For us a good game is based on a good design with a smart business model, sustainable and pragmatic technology, keen eye for detail and lots of love. That is why we put all our passion and every hour we can into making the games we think people will love to play.
Are you Monster?
At Mobile Monsters everybody has great responsibility with a lot of freedom. We follow a hands-on mentality, with pragmatic and detailed planning but open boundaries when it comes to realization and execution. We love our work! That is why we think that everybody should work the way he wants. The people make a company! If the result is good, it doesn’t matter how we got there, as long as we meet our schedules with everyone being as productive as possible. Therefore we follow function and love, but never daydreams, reflecting us and our work in very short iterations (weekly).

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