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Founded in 2012, the first batch of games circled around our very own framework, build to develop cost effective, story driven build-up games. With the reasonable success of our first game: Kingdoms & Monsters (4 Million Installs, peaking 60k MAU) and lots of unreleased potential, the team reformed under a new product strategy in early 2019. Now focusing on fun core-loops, build on our very own Hyper-Agile-MVP-Development approach, the Monsters Team makes rapid progress, with a few high hitting KPI games in the making.
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Made with blood, sweat and lots of LOVE! (Ok, the blood part is not true.)

Production Values

Having worked for major companies in various managerial and leadership roles, we've come to realise our very own take on how to run games.
We believe that smart, fun and super accessible core-loops, with the potential to keep players engaged for hours, are key to a game's success. Boiling our ideas down into their very essence, we are always exploring new possibilities.
Fast Execution
With years of experience, working on multi million dollar titles, leading 100+ teams, we came to realise that the very key to success, is just being fast. Therefore we are always moving, start our product-liVe-cycle shipping an MVP and iterate it with our players.
We are obsessed with KPIs and driven by data. But that doesn't mean we see players as numbers. We use data and player feedback hand in hand and very early on, to put together the perfect picture. That is why we continuously survey our audience.
We believe in full agile, self-dependent individuals and our very own production method, called: Change Driven Development. We listen, leave room, encourage to do what feels right, but learn from mistakes.

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